Brawlemissary roblauncher-1-

A R.O.B. Launcher.

A R.O.B. Launcher is a member of the R.O.B. Squad and an enemy of the The Subspace Emissary. It is a R.O.B. in a military brown and green with a blue cord. Hense its name, it fires missiles at players. On higher difficulties it is more annoying as it fires rapidly making it hard to attack it. The missiles follow you and can do lots of damage if it hits. R.O.B. Launchers have the most health and must be weakened on intense. It is easier to capture on easy although trophy stands aren't frequent. However, do it on intense. If you get a trophy stand near a R.O.B. Launcher weaken it with a hit then throw the trophy stand. They are easier if you and the R.O.B. Launcher are both on the ground. R.O.B. Launchers are stationary and don't move. R.O.B. also has a color like R.O.B. Launcher however, it has no blue cord.

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