Mario running towards a group of Rainbow Notes.

Rainbow Notes also known as Music Notes, are items in Super Mario Galaxy. They are colorful music notes. Rainbow Notes usually appear after Mario collects a Question Coin. When Mario collects the Question Coin, the Rainbow Notes line up. Mario must grab all of them. Rainbow Notes make a jingle or tune, when collected. Collecting them all turns them into one complete song from a previous Mario game, such as Super Mario World. You will also get a prize such as a 1up Mushroom when you collect all Rainbow Notes. Some Rainbow Notes are needed to obtain the Power Star. Such times when you must collect them to get the Power Star are in the Hurry-Scurry Galaxy and the Sea Slide Galaxy.

Rainbow Note Themes

  • Underground Theme
  • Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Super Mario World Main Theme
  • Yoshi's Island Main Theme
  • Super Mario World Bonus Theme (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

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