Raining Debris NSMBW

This is a sprite of a Raining Debris.


Mario dodges Raining Debris of all sizes in World 8-1.

Not to be confused with Meteors.

Raining Debris is an obstacle in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They only appear in World 8-1 and World 8-2 of World 8. Raining Debris are pieces of molten rock coming from volcanoes in the background (though they appear to be falling from the sky). They come in small and large sizes, as shown in the picture below. In World 8-1, they are one of the many hazards to avoid (the others being poisonous purple ash clouds, Lava Geysers, and Lava, excluding the Buzzy Beetles also found in the level). Dodging them can be difficult, due to having to avoid all the other three hazards, which can take Mario (or LuigiBlue Toad or Yellow Toad) out in one touch. Touching a Raining Debris will cause the player to lose a form or die at small form. In World 8-2, Raining Debris only appears at the beginning of the level. They will destroy any Bricks they come in contact with. In World 8-2, they are much easier to avoid since much less fall at once than in the previous level. Raining Debris can only be destroyed be coming in contact with something. 

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