Zip Zip-1-

Yoshi on his Rapide.

The Rapide, also known as the Zip-Zip, is a bike for medium characters in Mario Kart Wii. It has a great off-road stat. That means you can take shortcuts without losing major speed. However, unlike the Super Blooper, and Dolphin Dasher, it is slower than the Standard Kart M, and Standard Bike M. It has a slightly better mini-turbo than the Standard vehicles. Its weight and drifting are low. This bike does not have a kart counterpart for its size. Its stats are similar to that of the large bike, Phantom. The Rapide can be unlocked by beating 100cc Lightning Cup.


  • Speed: Medium
  • Weight: Mid-low
  • Acceleration: Mid-high
  • Handling: Mid-high
  • Drift: Low
  • Off-Road: Very High
  • Mini-Turbo: Mid-high

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