This is a sprite of a Red Boo in Mario Party 9.

Red Boos, also known as Pink Boos, are a sub-species of Boos that appear in Mario Party 8 and possibly Mario Party 9. Even though Red Boos are pink in both games, they get their name because of them being red in Super Mario Sunshine. In Super Mario Sunshine, Red Boos were enemies, and unlike normal Boos, could not be defeated. They will turn into platforms for a short period of time when Mario sprayed water on them using F.L.U.D.D. Red Boos resemble everything in normal Boos except for their pink coloring. In Mario Party 8, Red Boos appear in King Boo's Haunted Hideaway. They sell Candies to the player. Red Boos also throw players out of the mansion whenever they reach a dead-end. They also fly out of chests and steal 10 Coins from the player if he/she opens one. Red Boos also appear in Boo-ting Gallery as the main enemy that players must shoot for points. A Red Boo can also be found hiding in a portrait in Spector Inspector. It is possible that these Boos reappear in Mario Party 9, most likely in Boo's Horror Castle


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