Red Ring

A Red Ring in its New Super Mario Bros. Wii appearance.

Red Rings are rings that appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is a red ring that glows with a sparkle. When Mario goes through it, 10 Red Coins appear. A music plays. It gets faster and then ends. If Mario collects all 10 there are 3 effects. If small Mario collects all 10, he gains a Mushroom. If Super Mario collects all 10 he gains a Fire Flower. If Mario with a Power-Up (excluding Mini Mushroom) collects all 10, he receives a 1up Mushroom. By touching the 1up Mushroom, gives Mario a 1up. The Red Ring's example of displaying Red Coins when Mario goes through it, is like the P-Switch's example of displaying Blue Coins when touched.


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