Mario, who is seen here being surrounded by several Red Urchins in the Freezeflame Galaxy. This is in Super Mario Galaxy.

Red Urchins are enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are a red sub-species of Urchins that live in fiery and Lava areas. In Super Mario Galaxy, they are found in the Lava Core Planet and the lava area of the Hot and Cold Planet. These enemies behave exactly like their ice and water cousins. They will pull out their spikes when they spot Mario or Luigi and begin to roll towards them, in attempt to run them over and pierce them with their spikes. If a Red Urchin succeeds in doing so, Mario/Luigi will lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter. Red Urchins can only be defeated by tricking them into falling into the lava (this can be done by standing close to the edge of a platform and moving out of the direction when the Red Urchin comes near), or by shooting a Fireball at them using the Fire Flower. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Red Urchins only appear in the Battle Belt Galaxy on the Urchin Planet. They must be defeated using the Fire Flower to proceed. 


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