Rightside Down Galaxy-1-

The Rightside Down Galaxy.

The Rightside Down Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is unlocked by getting 4 Power Stars. This galaxy features gravity changes that are shown by arrows in the background. This is much like the later Upside Dizzy Galaxy. Part of the galaxy is played upside down, frontways, and in other directions. Enemies in this galaxy are Goombas, Paragoombas, Purple Piranha Plants, Thwomps, and Incoming Chomps. The music changes depending on the gravity's direction. The Fire Flower makes its first appearance in this galaxy.


Main Planet-

Rightside 1-1-

Mario falling upside down, avoiding the Thwomps in the Main Planet.

Inside this planet, which is shaped like wooden, toy blocks, the gravity changes depending on Mario's actions and the place where he is standing. A Warp Pipe in the ceiling takes Mario to the crate planet. The Toad Brigade is found here. There is also another Warp Pipe leading to a bonus area with a Fire Flower and Crates.

Crate Planet-

A Gearmo inhabits this planet, and asks the player to use the Fire Flower to burn all the crates in twenty seconds for a Power Star. This is similar to the first game's minigame, Bob-omb Blasting. One fireball can go through several crates at a time.


Breaking the Laws of Gravity-

Rightside 2-1-

Mario jumping on a Goomba in midair.

Mario must traverse the planet, avoiding enemies and shifting gravity. At the end, he must burn some crates and earn the Power Star.

The Great Crate Incinerator-

Rightside Down Galaxy - The Great Crate Incinerator-1-

The beginning of "The Great Crate Incinerator".

Mario must change the gravity to reach a Warp Pipe in the ceiling near the beginning of the level. There, he then must burn some crates with the Fire Flower to find another Warp Pipe that takes him to the area with more crates and the Gearmo. He must then burn all the crates in twenty seconds to earn a Power Star.

Green Star 1-

Green Star 1 is located right after the checkpoint and before the green blocks area. Getting the Green Power Star requires a well timed jump and Spin from the green block area.

Green Star 2-

Green Star 2 is located in the second Thwomp area (the one near the Power Star). One must jump on top of the last Thwomp and then jump over the Toad next to the Item Crystal of Star Bits. The Green Power Star requires a very high jump to reach. However, you can get to it by doing a Side Somersault to the wall, Wall-Jump, and Spin.

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