Brawlemissary roader-1-

A Roader.


A Roader about to ram Pit.

A Roader is an enemy in The Subspace Emissary. It looks like a motorized unicycle with two evil looking eyes under its visor and spikes on its body. Roaders appear in The Battlefield Fortress, The Wilds, The Wilds 2, Research Facility 2, Outside the Ancient Ruins, Battleship Halberd Interior, Battleship Halberd Exterior (display room only), Subspace 1, and The Plain and The Ruins parts of The Great Maze. Its attack is a charged ram. This has high knockback. When a Roader spots you it will charge and ram you. It can jump too so be careful. Roaders usually come in groups. The Roader's weakness is when you avoid its charged ram. It will screech to a stop and collapse on the ground. The best time to capture it is when it is slowly driving around. Wait for the Roader to charge at you, and run the opposite direction. When it comes near quickly throw the trophy stand before you get rammed. Also, you can capture it when it is turning around, or has fallen on the ground.

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