Rolling Ball.


Mario playing Rolling Ball.

Rolling Ball is a minigame in Super Mario Galaxy. It is one of the four minigames along with Bubble Blowing, Bob-omb Blasting and Ray Surfing. Rolling Ball appears in the Rolling Green Galaxy, Melty Molten Galaxy and Rolling Gizmo Galaxy. You must ride the Star Ball (a ball with a Power Star inside) into a hole marked with a yellow flag. This will break the ball and free the Power Star. To move the Star Ball, tilt the Wii Remote in the direction you wish to go. You must avoid enemies and voids to clear this minigame. Every time you hop onto the Star Ball, you are unable to dismount it, so you have no choice but to complete it. Every time you are on the ball the tune changes its pace as Mario moves around or stays still. Be very careful, because speed is your weakness. If you are going too fast, you are at risk of falling off, entering a Black Hole (possibly) and losing a life. You are able to hop while on the ball, to help you change directions quickly and smash your enemies by rolling over them.

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