Rolling Clod

This is a picture of a Rolling Clod in Cool Cave (possibly) of Kirby's Epic Yarn

A Rolling Clod is an enemy in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are brown spiked balls with a brown and blue eye, as well as a brown and yellow frown on their mouths. They are common enemies and first appear in Pyramid Sands and later reappear in Cool Cave. They also appear in the battle with Squashini, sometimes popping out of a hat if Kirby/Prince Fluff had to choose the wrong one. Rolling Clods only attack method is to try to run into Kirby or Prince Fluff. If they succeed in hitting Kirby or Prince Fluff, Kirby or Prince Fluff will take damage and lose Beads. In Pyramid Sands, they can be found in the many tornadoes spinning around the place. Surprisingly, Rolling Clods will be defeated if they touch spiked object or Spikes themselves. They can also be defeated by running into a wall or by getting hit by yarn balls of enemies made by Kirby/Prince Fluff. Rolling Clods usually are in small sizes but are also found in quite big sizes. 


Rolling Clods resemble Spiked Balls without eyes. Spiked Balls have been found in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Kirby's Return to Dream Land

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