Rolling Green Galaxy-1-

The Rolling Green Galaxy.

The Rolling Green Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is a golf-course like galaxy. Here Mario balances on the Star Ball and must manuever the ball through the galaxy into the hole. This will shatter the ball releasing the Power Star in it. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are many holes you can fall into. The music here comes from the obstacle course of Super Mario Bros. 3.


Starting Planets-

This planet is where the minigame, Rolling Ball takes place. When the player mounts the Star Ball, they then should move to a hole that will shoot them to the second starting planet. The second starting planet has some Goombas and Micro Goombas, and Coins that surround a hole. When you enter the hole, you'll find yourself on the Rolling Green Planets.


So near, so far!

Rolling Green Planets-

Here you must carefully manuever through the planet because of the Goombas, narrow pathways, and big holes you can fall into. However, there are also Coins, Question Coins, and 1up Mushrooms to collect. When you make it to the field of flowers, the path splits in two. One path is easy with a few Goombas while the other path is narrow and contains a Question Coin. At the end is another hole (on the easier path you must jump to make it there). The hole will shoot Mario to the planet with the hole that breaks the ball. After entering the hole, the ball shatters, releasing the Power Star. This planet has a wind turbine and flagpole Mario must climb to reach the Power Star.


The final part of the galaxy.


A Bird's-eye view of the galaxy.

Rolling in the Clouds-

This mission requires Mario to roll the Star Ball into the hole to break it. This minigame level, has different controls. To keep the ball still, you must hold the Wii Remote up. Tilting the Wii Remote will make the ball go in the direction, you've tilted the remote. Mario must pass through three planets with grass everywhere, using the Star Ball, he must jump over the pits and ram the Goombas. He, later, will fall into another hole leading onto another planet with more pits, Goombas and grass. Once he passes this area, he will fall into another hole leading to the goal planet. Putting the ball in the hole shatters it, releasing the Power Star. The Power Star goes to the top of the flagpole which Mario must climb.


  • Goombas
  • Micro-Goombas

Planets Visited

  • Starting Planets
  • Rolling Green Planets

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