Roy 1-1-

Roy Koopa.


Roy's first battle.


Roy's second battle in the castle.

Roy Koopa is a boss in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. He is the third oldest of Bowser's eight children. Roy seems to have an obsession with the color pink, because he has a pink head, pink sunglasses, and the magic from his magic scepter is the color of pink. He has a purple shell though. Roy has a grumpy voice. Because of the sunglasses, and the way his magic scepter looks, Roy is like a rock and roll musician. Roy is the boss of World 2 (NSMB Wii). Roy's first fight is like Larry Koopa's first fight, but the ground is filled with quicksand beneath the platform you are fighting on. In the fortress, when you reach Roy, he is shocked in Mario's presence and roars. the battle then begins. During battle, Roy will jump and ground pound the ground, causing a shockwave. The shockwave, stuns Mario, and Roy sends magic at him, damaging him. The best way to avoid the shockwave is to jump. Roy casts magic faster than Larry. By jumping on his head three times will defeat him. In the castle fight, Roy's last fight, the area appears to be enclosed with no hazards. However, Kamek will fly around the place spreading the magic. Five huge pipes will appear. Roy will get in one. He will peek to see which one Mario is closest to. When he has found the correct pipe, he then falls creating the shockwave. You must jump to avoid the shockwave. However, you must avoid being crushed when Roy falls. By jumping on Roy's head three times will defeat him again. A key will appear unlocking World 3 (NSMB Wii) when collected. Roy survived the battle. In the ending cutscene he was seen with other Koopalings, helping Bowser get up. However, the whole castle falls on them.

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