The Royal Racer, also known as the Daytripper, is a kart for medium characters in Mario Kart Wii. It is an old-fashioned coach in the shape of a curled slipper. Its bike counterpart is the Bon Bon (Sugarscoot) and that bike is available from the start unlike the Royal Racer. To unlock this kart, you must win 150cc Leaf Cup.


  • Speed: Mid-low

    Yoshi in his Royal Racer.

  • Weight: Mid-high
  • Acceleration: Mid-high
  • Handling: Very High
  • Drift: Mid-low
  • Off-Road: Mid-high
  • Mini-Turbo: High

The Royal Racer has good handling, good acceleration, good off-road, and good mini-turbo. Its weight is good too. Its speed and drifting, however, are low.

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