This picture shows an overview of the Ruins world. The Kong icon is on the world's first level, Wonky Waterway.

The Ruins is the third world of Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is infested by members of the Tiki Tak Tribe, who stole the Kongs' (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) stolen Banana Hoard. The world, like all other worlds of the game, is located on Donkey Kong Island. The theme of this world is, of course, ruins-themed. Many dungeons, abandoned waterways, and ancient temples. The Ruins features many crumbling platforms, spinning wheels with platforms attached to them, urns/Crates that can be pounded on for a collectible, most likely, dandelions/candles that can be blown on for a collectible, most likely, angry, devilish-looking, gold vine statues of an ape's head, Toothberry-head like statues that can be pounded for a collectible, most likely, monkey statues, Rambi the Rhinoceros (after his first appearance in the Jungle), buttons, ships that fire Cannonballs and switches. There are seven levels in this world plus a boss level. A Map Key is needed to be bought from the shop hosted by Cranky Kong to unlock the world's fourth level, Damp Dungeon. Stu is the boss of this world.

Enemies in this World

  • Cannonballs (though they are not considered enemies in the game's guide)


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