009-1- (4)

Mario in the Sand Spiral Galaxy.

The Sand Spiral Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This galaxy contains a large barrel with a rapid sand river. The starting planet is a crashed Airship. The galaxy has many Boos and Swoopers. To unlock this galaxy complete "Faster Than a Speeding Penguin" in the Sea Slide Galaxy and "Luigi in the Haunted Mansion". A Hungry Luma will appear, which Mario must feed to access the galaxy.


Starting Planet

009-1- (4)

Mario on the Starting Planet.

This planet is just the front of an Airship that crashed or was blasted. Mario starts off here, and must continue to the Sand Planet. The Airship most likely was blasted with a weapon because of the debris scattered floating nearby and the division where the two halves would meet is jagged.

Sand Planet


Mario in the Sand Planet.

The Sand Planet is a large Barrel with a pipe-like interior. Using either the Bee Mushroom or Boo Mushroom, Mario must float over the sand river avoiding obstacles and enemies. Like in the Dusty Dune Galaxy, coming in contact with this type sand is instant death.

Moon and Spiral Rock


Mario on the Moon and Spiral Rock.

This is a small moon with a spiraling rock surrounding it. Mario must cross this rock while avoiding Mines to reach the moon, where the Power Star is.


Choosing a Favorite Snack


Boo Mario during "Choosing a Favorite Snack".

This mission's goal is to get through the Sand Planet's challenging tunnel. Mario will land on the Starting Planet, where a Magikoopa will appear and warp himself into the Sand Planet's tunnel. Mario should take a Sling Star to the Sand Planet. Here, Mario must make a tough decision on whether to choose the Bee Mushroom or Boo Mushroom. Boo Mario can float infinitely (forever) however, he must avoid the spotlights and Boos. Bee Mario will have an easier time avoiding the enemies, however he cannot fly infinitely (forever) and must make certain landings. Plus, the Boos go after Bee Mario more quickly. The Magikoopa will appear and shoot spells throughout the tunnel unless it is defeated. Once Mario exits the tunnel, he will be launched to the other end of the tunnel to land on the Moon and Spiral Rock. Mario can get the Rainbow Star to defeat the Mines and jump across rotating platforms to the moon in the center, where the Power Star lies. If Mario still has the Bee Suit, he can simply fly to the Power Star. The Magikoopa will pursue Mario for most of the mission unless Mario obtains the Boo Suit, or it is defeated. If Mario picks the Boo Suit and uses it, the Magikoopa will not appear after appearing on the Starting Planet.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Sand Planet
  • Moon and Spiral Rock


  • This galaxy can be accessed without using the Hungry Luma's pink Launch Star via a glitch. After the Hungry Luma transforms into the galaxy/Launch Star, Mario can use the Red Star to become Flying Mario and fly to the galaxy.

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