This is a picture of a Sawgill in Blub-Blub Ocean (possibly) of Kirby's Epic Yarn

Sawgills are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are blue fish with a beige underside. Sawgills have a blue dorsal fin and tail while their other fins are beige. They have red and black eyes and a long nose. On their long nose, a Sawgill has several blades poking out on its top and underside. Sawgills are very common in Water Land. They appear in every level in Water Land except for Secret Island and Boom Boatyard. Sawgills attack with the saw in front. When Sawgills spot Kirby/Prince Fluff, they will swim towards them and try to ram into them. If the Sawgill hits Kirby or Prince Fluff, he will lose Beads. They are vulnerable on their underside, however, Sawgills can be defeated with the surge attack when Kirby is in Dolphin form from the front without getting hurt. When a Sawgill is wrapped into a yarn ball, it can be thrown as a penetrating projectile that defeats several enemies and only stops when it goes off the screen or hits a wall. It is to note that Sawgills flop helplessly on dry land, however, they can still hurt Kirby or Prince Fluff with their saw. 

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