Some Scuttle Bugs on a planet.

Scuttle Bugs are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are spider-like enemies with a striped body, and a dark and dull color. They can be brown, gray, blue or purple in color. Some hang from ceilings and overhangs by a thread of webbing. They can be found mostly in the Space Junk Galaxy and Ghostly Galaxy. However, they also appear in Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada. They are found in large groups leading to the path to Tarantox. They can be related to Tarantox, but this is not yet a true statement. Ground Scuttle Bugs attack by jumping in the air and floating there for a few seconds, then falling back to the ground in hopes of landing on Mario. Scuttle Bugs that are hanging attack by swinging back and forth, like if you had hit a hanging item. However, if it touches Mario while swinging, this will hurt him. Scuttle Bugs can be stunned by Spinning, and can be defeated by kicking the stunned enemy or by a single stomp. Scuttle Bugs also appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, behaving the same way they did in the previous game. They only appear in a few galaxies, one galaxy being the Tall Trunk Galaxy.

Some Scuttle Bugs

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