Sea Jelly

This is the artwork of a Sea Jelly in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Sea Jellies are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are one of the many jellyfish enemies in the game (the others being Space JelliesSpore Jellies and Jelly Jrs.). Sea Jellies are the rarest of the four jellyfish enemies and are among the rarest enemies in the game. They only appear in Mushroom Run in Treat Land. Sea Jellies are giant orange jellyfish with four white tentacles. They have black and yellow button eyes with black pupils. They do not attack Kirby or Prince Fluff, but instead hinder their ability to move by releasing spores. If Kirby or Prince Fluff touch their spores, they cannot move until the spores are shaken off. This makes them vulnerable to attacks from other enemies in the same level such as Waddle DoosShelbies and Buttonbees. If the heroes stand on Sea Jelly for too long, they will electrify themselves, causing the heroes to take damage and lose Beads. If Kirby or Prince Fluff use the yarn whip on them at this time when they are electrifying themselves, they will take damage and lose Beads as well. However, their electricity attack is short-ranged, making it easy for the heroes to avoid. 


  • Despite the name "Sea Jelly", they are never seen in the ocean. 
  • In the official Prima guide for Kirby's Epic Yarn, they are mistaken for Spore Jellies

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