A Shaydas attacking Pit.

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a Shaydas

A Shaydas is a two headed human-like man made of bugs with a pink core, two red eyes on each head, and two humongous blades. It is an enemy in The Subspace Emissary. It is really made of thousands of Shadow Bugs. It makes its appearance by teleporting on stage. Shaydas appears in The Lake Shore, The Ruins, Outside the Ancient Ruins, The Glacial Peak, Battleship Halberd Interior, Subspace Bomb Factory, and The Ruins part of The Great Maze. Shaydas is a very powerful enemy. It will first make a double slash then charges for a long time and slams both blades to the ground. This has high knockback. The pink core is its weak spot. You can capture it if you weaken it with a hit at least and then throw the trophy stand at its pink core. The best time to do that is wait when it comes near you. As it attacks roll behind it as it will charge a strong attack (as shown in the picture). Its pink core is available at this time, so throw the trophy stand.

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