Brawlemissary shellipod shell-1-

A Walking Shellpod.

Brawlemissary shellipod-1-

A Shellpod with its shell off.


A Shellpod.


A Shellpod with its shell off.

A Shellpod is an enemy in The Subspace Emissary. It looks like a giant beetle at first but after a few hits its shell breaks. When the shell breaks it is some blue green creature which tells you the ARMOR made it look like a beetle! Shellpods are rare enemies only appearing in The Forest, Outside the Ancient Ruins, The Cave, Subspace 2, and The Forest, and The Swamp parts of The Great Maze. Shellpod attacks by shooting the horn upwards. It seems to increase speed as it walks. Shellpod is among the giant enemies such as Greap, Armank, Roturret and Nagagog (full size only). It has two trophies. It needs weakening even on intense. If you throw the trophy stand (once weakened) when the shell is on you'll get the Shellpod trophy. If you throw the trophy stand at it when the shell broke you'll get the Shellpod No Armor trophy.

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