Sherbet Land.

Sherbet Land is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It first appeared in Mario Kart 64, making it a retro cup course.The course is filled with ice cold water and Penguins walking around. The water was probably ice that broke into pieces, or cracked. In the background are clouds and mountains. When you fall into the water, you will be rescued by Lakitu, but you will see that you are a frozen Kart (a kart in an ice block). This course goes around the ice. It is possible to hop over small gaps of ice, but you are at risk of falling into the water. Also it is easy for large karts to push you into the water (if driving a smaller kart). When the race begins you start off doing a lot of turning. You will later find a cave. In here there are Penguins walking around ice columns. Because there are ice columns, the ice columns divide the room into two paths. There are 2 Penguins per column. It is difficult to track where the Penguins are and which path to take. There are about 4 or 5 columns in this cave, making it difficult to avoid the Penguins and also making it longer to get out of this dangerous cave (the cave isn't a hazard but if you collide with the Penguins, you spin out). When you get out of the cave you will make a turn and go down a straight road. There you will find more turns and then find the finish line. Great! You're ready for your second lap! Remember to avoid the Penguins.

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