Shrinking Tiles-1-

Mario runs on a set of Shrinking Tiles in the Hurry-Scurry Galaxy.

Shrinking Tiles are hazardous platforms and obstacles in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are green tiles with a checkerboard design on them, as well as a metal frame covering their sides. When these platforms are stepped on by either Mario or Luigi, they will start to shrink and eventually disappear, leaving only the metal frame there. There are some planets made entirely of Shrinking Tiles, such as this one in the Hurry-Scurry Galaxy -->. These planets are usually used for placing Rainbow Notes all around them, also shown in the picture to the right. Because of the Shrinking Tiles, collecting all Rainbow Notes can be difficult, for the player must avoid the holes they leave when disappearing, otherwise they will fall into a Black Hole, which is usually in the center of the planet, also shown in the picture above ^^. Shrinking Tiles are also found in other places, usually in places where one must walk carefully to proceed, otherwise he will fall into Space and lose a life. However, the player must still be fast while crossing these, or he will also fall and lose a life. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, one can hold a Shrinking Tile for player 1 if player 2 is playing as the Co-Star Luma. However, once the Shrinking Tile is let go, it will continue to shrink and disappear. Shrinking Tiles can be found in several galaxies including the Hurry-Scurry GalaxySea Slide Galaxy and Toy Time Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy, and a few galaxies such as the Haunty Halls Galaxy and the Mario Squared Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. 

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