800px-ShyGuyBeach MKWii-1-

Shy Guy Beach. Ahh relaxing.

Shy Guy Beach is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is basically a circle. It first appeared in Mario Kart Super Circuit. This makes it a retro cup course. Shy Guy Beach is one of the sunniest courses in the game. It takes place on a sunny afternoon. Perfect for a good day at the beach! There is a pirate ship with a Shy Guy on it's flag in the background. On the second lap it shoots cannonballs on the beach. After a while, the cannonballs explode. If you or racers are near it, you and they will get flipped in the air when it explodes. During the beginning of the level, you'll continuosly turn left. Crabs appear on this level moving around. You'll spin out when you make contact with them. The water can slow you down. Trees and Umbrellas make you stop if you crash into them. Crashing into the Umbrellas will open or close them (if one was already opened). Shy Guy Beach is filled with boost pads and hazards so be very careful. Only on one part there are no boost pads. Grass is a hazard. It will slow you speed down, so try to avoid it. There are many hazards on this course, so try to drive on the sand only.

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