Four Silver Chomps as they appear in the Battle Belt Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. This image is probably a beta image since the Battle Belt Galaxy's background looks more like a dark, space-like area than a bluish, sunny-like area.

Silver Chomps are enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are a subspecies of Incoming Chomps who also appear in the game along with their subspecies, Chomp Pups and Golden Chomps. Silver Chomps, hence the name, are silver-colored Chomps with red pupils and yellow lining surrounding those pupils. Silver Chomps do not roll in a set path unlike Incoming Chomps and their subspecies. Instead, Silver Chomps home in on Mario or Luigi, therefore they are always trying to ram them. One Silver Chomp appears in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy where it is required to be knocked off its planet. Another Silver Chomp appears near the end of the Sandy Sea Planet of the Slipsand Galaxy. Since the enemy cannot be defeated, Mario/Luigi must continue to dodge it by moving away (Silver Chomps are too large to be jumped over). However, Mario/Luigi must watch out, for the Silver Chomp can also break parts off the "ship" they are riding on. Four Silver Chomps appear for the last in the Battle Belt Galaxy on the Silver Chomp Planet. In my, Smashbro8's opinion, this is the hardest part of the

Mario battles the Silver Chomp in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy.

galaxy's first mission "Mini-Planet Mega Run", for all four Silver Chomps are homing in on Mario/Luigi at the same time. However, in this galaxy, they can be defeated if the heroes Spin one of the many green Stretch Plants into them. Silver Chomps in the Battle Belt Galaxy, however, can roll over the Stretch Plants, making the green plants useless for a couple seconds. Of course, if Mario/Luigi gets hit by a Silver Chomp, they will lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter. However, the good thing about them is that they can be defeated with a Rainbow Star obtained from Rainbow Mario, being knocked off a planet using the Star Ball, or being hit by Stretch Plants :). So there is at least something to get rid of them. Once defeated (except the strategy that involves pushing the enemy off a planet), these enemies release many Star Bits, much like regular Incoming Chomps. Isn't it surprising these enemies don't appear in the Chompworks Galaxy, while every other Chomp enemy does???


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