A Skellyrex in a Cliff level.


A Skellyrex in a Minecart.

Skellyrexes are enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They are found mostly in the Cliff (Donkey Kong Country Returns), but they also appear in the level, Tumblin' Temple. Skellyrexes are skeletal dinosaurs. They move around from left to right, usually posing a small threat to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. They can be defeated by any attack method whether it is rolling into them, throwing a Barrel at them, or jumping on them twice. When jumped on, they lose their heads. Their heads bounce about the place. A second jump defeats them for good. The Kongs must be careful to not touch the Skellyrexes, body on or off. Some Skellyrexes ride Minecarts, which are found in Prehistoric Path. These types of Skellyrexes can be defeated with a simple jump.

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