This picture shows the concept artwork of a brown skittler.

Skittlers are enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Skittlers first appear in the Forest (Donkey Kong Country Returns) in a few levels. Skittlers are purple spiders who seem to have six legs instead of eight and have four yellow eyes (two of them, which are placed in the center are big, while the two ones at the end are small). Skittlers also tend to have a red marking on their abdomen. They attack by swinging up and down or side to side on their webs or walking on floors. Skittlers can probably be defeated by jumping on them twice, for the first jump releases them from their web, causing them to walk around the place.

A purple Skittler.

The next jump on them will defeat them. Brown skittlers also exist. They have the same design as purple ones except that they are brown. These type Skittlers come down from their webs, onto floors, and then head for the Kongs. One jump defeats these enemies.

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