Mario in the Sling Pod Galaxy.

The Sling Pod Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The galaxy has no large planets, and it is made entirely of Sling Pods and obstacles. Mario must climb onto one of the Sling Pods and launch himself to the next Sling Pod. The obstacles are floating Mines, which damage Mario if touched, or cause him to fall into a Black Hole or Space. To travel around this galaxy, Mario must use the Sling Pods and Pull Stars. However, as mentioned earlier, Mario/Luigi must make sure he doesn't hit a Mine or be flung in the wrond direction, or he will lose a life. However, Mario/Luigi can collect Star Bits to give him 1-Ups as well as carefully collecting 1-Up Mushrooms. To unlock this galaxy, complete "Tarantox's Tangled Web" in the Space Junk Galaxy.


There is no starting area since Mario can choose a path.

Cannon Area

Cannon Area-1-

Mario in the Cannon Area.

This area is full of Cannonballs and Sling Pods. Mario must quickly use the Sling Pods while avoiding the Cannonballs in this area.

Mine Area

Mine Area-1-

Mario in the Mine Area.

This area is full of Mines and Pull Stars. Mario must cautiously use the Pull Stars to avoid hitting a Mine.

Firebar Area

Firebar Area-1-

Mario in the Firebar Area.

This area is full of Firebars and Sling Pods. Mario must use the Sling Pods wisely to avoid colliding into the Firebars to collect the Power Star. There are unlimited Star Bits at the start of this area.


A Very Sticky Situation


Mario near the Power Star of "A Very Sticky Situation".

Mario will start on a small platform with a Sling Pod. Mario must go into the Sling Pod and then use it to go through the Cannon Area. Mario must go through the area firing from Sling Pod to Sling Pod while avoiding the numerous Cannonballs. After this area, Mario will enter the Mine Area. Mario must navigate the area using the Pull Stars and avoiding the Mines. Mario will then enter the Firebar Area. Mario must fire himself with great timing to avoid the Firebars and get to the next Sling Pod. At the end, he must blast through a circle of rotating platforms "orbiting" the Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Cannon Area
  • Mine Area
  • Firebar Area

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