The Kongs around many Squidlies in Sloppy Sands.

Sloppy Sands is the ninth level of Donkey Kong Country Returns, as well as the second level of the Beach (Donkey Kong Country Returns). The level mostly takes place on the beach, where the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) are constantly being attacked by Squidlies and Electrasquids shooting out of their turrets. The Squidlies can be jumped on to reach collectibles, however, the Electrasquids will hurt the Kongs with one touch. This level features cannons that the Kongs can pound on to shoot collectibles and help them find a Puzzle Piece. Also, the end of this level takes place inside of a tall tower in which the Kongs must climb by using buckets full of sand. Grassy turf is also in the level to help the Kongs climb the top of the tower. Other than the Squidlies and Electrasquids, enemies in this level are Snaggles, Snaps, and Pinchleys. In Time Attack mode, a time of 1:11:00 is needed to earn a gold medal, a time of 1:26:00 is needed to earn a silver medal, and a time of 1:57:00 for a bronze medal.



The Kongs in the air nearing a Pinchley.

The level begins with a straight pathway along the sand leading to two wooden pillars sticking out of the ground. When the apes pound the wooden pillars, they (the pillars) fall under the surface and another pair of wooden pillars shoot out of the ground near a Snaps. The new pair of wooden pillars can help the Kongs reach a higher platform with the first DK Barrel and a small hill with Snaps and a Pinchley infesting it. A trio of wooden pillars are after a turret that the primates can pound on to make another trio of wooden pillars nearby shooting out a Heart, Puzzle Piece, Banana Bunch as they emerge. They can help the Kongs reach a wooden platform with these mentioned collectibles on it. There is a cannon ahead of the apes that can be pounded on to blast a cannonball at a mast in the background. A Treasure Chest is on the mast that falls in the foreground, spilling out four Banana Coins when it breaks. The primates are able to find a

The Kongs standing near a platform about to jump on a trio of wooden pillars.

small plant growing between two turrets that gives an item when blown on. There are also many Bananas between the turrets, as well as after them between another two turrets. Another Treasure Chest is after these turrets that contains an Extra Life Balloon, however, as the Kongs try to grab it, Electrasquids are fired from a nearby turret and try to hit the Kongs. A raised, wooden platform is after this, with a Puzzle Piece placed above it and two Bananas and a Heart below it. A trio of wooden pillars is after this, with two more turrets piled up on each other next to it. If these wooden pillars are pounded on, another trio of wooden pillars appear closer to the turrets on top of each other. The new pillars can help them jump over the turrets and travel to the bridge area that is above the ocean water. The Tutorial Pig is on the bridge, who marks the checkpoint. Another DK Barrel and a Treasure Chest are found ahead of the checkpoint, along with a rectangular crate. Near the crate, a Snaggle jumps out of the water below and breaks through the wooden boards, creating a gap that must be jumped over. There is another crate near here that hides a Treasure Chest with a skull Barrel Cannon in it (another Snaggle breaks the wooden boards before the Kongs reach here). The Barrel Cannon can shoot the apes to an island in the background with the letter K on a tall sand pillar and another Treasure Chest with a skull Barrel Cannon in it. The Barrel Cannon blast the Kongs back into the foreground. After the Kongs cross another gap after landing back on the bridge, they reach a flat bridge area with a turret at the beginning of it. A Pinchley and a Barrel on it and a cannon is found under it. If the cannon is pounded, it fires a cannonball at the part of the bridge, causing it to fall and help the Kongs reach a hidden Puzzle Piece. Anyway, a hill is in the area after the cannon that leads toward the letter O that is surrounded by Bananas. Turrets also fire Squidlies here. The primates can reach a platform above the letter O if they jump on a Squidly to find a pathway leading over a turret on a crashed ship part. Bananas lie under a platform at the end of the crashed ship part, and the letter N floats in the air near some crates being lifted into the air by a platform. The Tutorial Pig is directly after this who marks the second checkpoint. A third DK Barrel and a giant

The Kongs pounded the switch enough to make the tower appear.

button are ahead of the Tutorial Pig hosting the checkpoint. If the primates keep pounding the button into the ground, a tall tower emerges from the ocean water and a skull Barrel Cannon appears to shoot them there. A tower is inside the tower, and two platforms are above it to help the apes climb closer to some buckets of sand that can be stood on being conveyed by ropes. Once the apes manage to get on a bucket of sand, it takes them to the other side of the thin room, where a wall of grassy turf is found. The Kongs can climb the grassy turf, allowing them to travel to along the walls. The wall on the opposite side of this grassy turf is also covered in grassy turf, so it can be climbed as well. The second (wall on the opposite side) wall of grassy turf has the letter G at the bottom end of it. The Kongs can climb up the same turf, passing three turrets shooting Squidlies to access a higher area with another platform that leads to another rope with buckets of sand. This platform also holds a Treasure Chest with a Banana Coin inside. The buckets, again being moved by conveyor belt-like ropes are able to aid the apes in reaching a higher platform after pulling them past many Bananas and Banana Coins. More platforms are above this, and a turret shoots from the side of the area nearby here. When the heroes climb the platform, they will find grassy turf on both walls. The grassy turf on the right leads to the next area, but it is too high to reach. To get here, the apes must first grab onto the grassy turf on the left. While on the grassy turf on the left, they must jump on a spinning wheel between the walls with grassy turf to be pulled to the grassy turf on the right. When the apes reach this wall, they can climb past some turrets firing some Squidlies in order to reach a moving platform. The Kongs must fall on the moving platform which takes them to some grassy turf on the left wall. The Kongs must now climb until they reach a Treasure Chest with a series of platforms above it. Buckets are found moving across here on conveyor belt-like ropes above the last platform which can be used to reach a Barrel Cannon. The Kongs must fire themselves to the top of the tower while avoiding three turrets shooting Squidlies and Electrasquids. Once this is done, the apes are at the top of the tower, where the Slot Machine Barrel is found above them. Once the Slot Machine Barrel is hit, the level is complete.


K-O-N-G Letters

  • K: If the Kongs break the second crate after the first checkpoint, they can find a Treasure Chest. If they pound it, a skull Barrel Cannon that shoots them onto the island in the background with the letter K on top of a tall sand pillar. If the Kongs roll into the sand pillar, it is destroyed, and the letter K falls for them to collect.
  • O: A crashed ship part infested with turrets is right before the second checkpoint. On the left side of this is the letter O.
  • N: The letter N is in the air immediately before the second checkpoint next to some crates. The Kongs must bounce on Squidlies to reach it.
  • G: At the beginning of the tower area, the letter G is on the bottom of the second wall of grassy turf near a turret.

Puzzle Pieces

  1. SloppySands565-1-

    The Kongs in a Bonus Room.

    The first Puzzle Piece is behind the level's start in an alcove, but it is covered by a wooden wall. If the Kongs throw the nearby DK Barrel at the wall, it breaks and opens the path to the Puzzle Piece.
  2. Shortly after the first Puzzle Piece, a trio of wooden pillars can be pounded into the ground to make another trio of wooden pillars appear out of the ground underneath a wooden platform. When the pillars emerge, a Puzzle Piece (as well as a Heart and a Banana Bunch) comes out of the sand and lands on the platform. The Kongs must then climb the wooden pillars to reach it.
  3. Between two turrets just after the second checkpoint is a small flower that can be blown on to reveal a Puzzle Piece.
  4. Just before the first checkpoint is a platform raised above a Heart and some Bananas. High above this platform is a Puzzle Piece that can be reached by bouncing off the nearby pair of turrets firing Squidlies (bounce on the Squidlies, not the turrets!!!)
  5. After the first turret following the letter K is a cannon under a bridge. If the primates pound on it, it blasts the bridge away, leaving a few remains of the bridge on the water. If the Kongs climb along the platforms, they'll reach a Puzzle Piece.
  6. Immediately before the second checkpoint, the apes can find a trail of Bananas near the side of a crashed ship part. There is a hidden entrance at the end of the trail in the ship that leads into a Bonus Room, where the duo must bounce on a moving trampoline to reach forty four Bananas and four Banana Coins. If everything is collected within thirty seconds, a Puzzle Piece appears.
  7. The seventh and final Puzzle Piece is in a hidden alcove behind a pile of Barrels to the right of the last Treasure Chest in the level.


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