Sneak Sack Screenshot

This is a picture of a Sneak Sack in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Sneak Sacks are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are white money bags with a red tie on top, a golden eye, and a large mouth. Sneak Sacks also have two small white feet. These enemies are extremely rare. They first appear in Pyramid Sands of Hot Land disguised as Swadclods, another enemy in the game. One later appears near the beginning of Cozy Cabin of Snow Land. A fair number of Sneak Sacks also appear during some of Beadrix's sub-games. Sneak Sacks have no form of attack, so they always choose to flee away from Kirby and Prince Fluff instead of fight back. So as soon as a Sneak Sack spots the heroes, it will run away and shortly disappear. If Kirby throws a yarn ball projectile made from another enemy at it or unfolds it, it will be defeated and releases 100 Beads. No Beads are given to Kirby, however, if a Sneak Sack is rolled up into a yarn ball. 


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