Snip-Snap Screenshot

A Snip-Snap as it appears in Cool Cave of Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Snip-Snaps are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are long, yellow, extendable cords with a yellow claw connected to a red button at their front. They only appear appear in Cool Cave of Hot LandSplash Beach of Water Land, and Tube Town of Space Land. Snip-Snaps only appear and attack when Kirby or Prince Fluff pass over their territory, which always appears as small holes in narrow tunnels (the heroes transform into Snake form during this). If the Snip-Snap catches the one of the heroes, they will be sent back to their starting point and lose Beads. If the heroes come in contact with a Snip-Snap outside of Snake form, they will be knocked back and lose Beads. In Tube Town, if a Snip-Snap is led to an outlet, it will transform into a plug, causing yarn platforms that look like rays to either move or change. Whether it is plugged into an outlet or not, Snip-Snaps can be unraveled by using the yarn whip on their button, however, if the heroes pass the same territory again, a new one will show up. 


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