Star Bunnies in the Snow-1-

The "Star Bunnies in the Snow" mission of the Snow Cap Galaxy.

The Snow Cap Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy that is accessed via the Hungry Luma outside the Garden. It is comprised of two small planets. It is always snowing on the main planet, but the player can use the Star Cursor to push the snow away, revealing anything hidden. The background of the galaxy features an aurora. To unlock this galaxy, beat "The Sinking Lava Spire" of the Melty Molten Galaxy.


Starting Planet

Starting Planet4-1-

Mario on the Starting Planet.

The Starting Planet is a glass orb with a chest on top and a Koopa Shell at the bottom. Mario must use the shell to hit the chest and reveal the Launch Star.

Snow Planet


Mario on the Snow Planet.

The only other planet of the galaxy is a pill-shaped planet covered in snow. It is inhabited by three Star Bunnies.


Star Bunnies in the Snow

Three Star Bunnies ask Mario to play another game of hide-and-seek on the Snow Planet. This time, the Bunnies make it much harder than previous Star Bunny missions. Mario must find and stomp several, hidden miniature Flipswitches, which will reveal a Fire Flower. Mario must then use it to find the Bunnies. One is hiding in a snowman, another in a hole in the ground, and the third is hiding in a chest which has to be opened with a Koopa Shell. On top of all this, the mission has a time limit of 2:30. If Mario can pull it all off, the Bunnies will award him with a Power Star. The best and fastest way for catching the Bunnies is by trapping them in the depressions on either end of the planet. This is a much easier way to get them.

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