KEY Snowball Waddle Dee

Kirby prepares to throw a yarn ball at a Snowball Waddle Dee wielding a snowball. This level is Snowy Fields.

Snowball Waddle Dees are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are one of the many sub-species of Waddle Dees. Snowball Waddle Dees are basically Waddle Dees that make and throw snowballs. They first and only appear in Snow Land, especially Snowy Fields. Snowball Waddle Dees attack by creating and throwing snowballs of various sizes. Their snowballs will defeat any enemy in their path and can trap Kirby and/or Prince Fluff in them. However, the heroes can break free if the player presses buttons on the Wii Remote repeatedly or if the snowball hits a wall. Their snowballs can also be approached from above when they are rolling by walking on to them. This helps Kirby and Prince Fluff reach high areas. 


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