Sorbetti Profile 2-1-


Sorbetti is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He appears in the Freezy Flake Galaxy's mission "Sorbetti's Chilly Reception". Sorbetti looks like a snow-covered Boulder-like creature with many spikes on himself. He has two crystals as eyes, a large, red, bulbous nose that serves as his weakspot and an evil grin. When Mario encounters Sorbetti, Sorbetti will start rolling around his planet. This is Sorbetti's only attack. Mario must Star Spin Sorbetti's nose to damage him, like if he was battling a Boulder. However, icicles act as obstacles and hinder Mario's movement. If Sorbetti hits an icicle, he goes the opposite direction making the battle better or worse, depending on the situation. If Sorbetti hits Mario, he will laugh and go the opposite direction. When Mario hits the giant boss, he flies back and continues rolling. After hit twice, Sorbetti gets angry and moves at a faster pace. When Mario hits Sorbetti again, the boss is defeated and releases a Power Star.

Sorbetti rolling around his planet.

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