Super Mario Galaxy 2 Death

Luigi has fallen into Space from the Cloudy Court Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Normally the "Too Bad" screen will show up along with this, however, this one is a "Game Over".

Space is a dangerous obstacle that appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Even though both of those games take place mostly in space, there is a "safe Space" and a dangerous "Space". We're talking about the "dangerous Space". Space are the Bottomless Pits of the "Mario Galaxy" games. When Black Holes are not present and the heroes end up falling off (or being knocked off) a platform, cliff, etc they will enter Space. This causes Mario/Luigi to lose a life (and they must restart from a checkpoint or the beginning of a level) or a Game Over depending on the amount of lives. Space is one of the many things that can kill Mario/Luigi instantly, the others being Black Holes, Quicksand, Dark Matter, Poison Water or being crushed by a Thwomp, Whomp, Rhomp or Tox Box. As with every death, the "Too Bad!" screen appears if the heroes fall into space.

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