Brawlemissary spawnportal-1-

A Spaceshifting Wormhole. It looks camouflaged.

Spaceshifting Wormhole-1-

Yoshi jumping towards a SpaceShifting Wormhole (purple) while two Mites stop him.

A Spaceshifting Wormhole is an obstacle in The Subspace Emissary the size of Bowser. It is the purple Subspace color that coats it. Spaceshifting Wormholes produce enemies continuously until attacked a few times. If there are two enemies one will be produced if an enemy of the same kind has been defeated. That works with one enemy two. Spaceshifting Wormholes take longer to defeat in higher difficulty levels. Sadly, Spaceshifting Wormholes aren't trophies that can be collected.

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