KEY Spear Waddle Dee

Kirby stands next to a Spear Waddle Dee.

Spear Waddle Dees are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are one of the many sub-species of Waddle Dees. They are basically Waddle Dees that wield wooden spears. Spear Waddle Dees are among the more common sub-species of Waddle Dees. They walk around an area wielding their spears upwards or sideways. However, after spotting Kirby or Prince Fluff, they will not try to stab the heroes with it, however, if the heroes touch their spear, they will take damage and lose Beads. They can be defeated just like any other Waddle Dee or Waddle Dee sub-species, which is by turning them into a yarn ball and throwing them. Kirby can also yank their spear off and make a projectile out of it if it is pointed at him. If the enemies go to sleep, they will plant their spear tip-first in the ground nearby. They will become harmless at this point.  


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