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4 Spiked Balls in World 8-2.

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A Giant Spiked Ball in World 8-2.

Spiked Balls are very dangerous obstacles in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They usually appear in castle/fortress levels but also appear in other levels. They roll around smashing other objects and enemies in their way. Ball 'n' Chains are Spiked Balls attached to chains on a pivot that swing in circles. Giant Spiked Balls also appear. They are just like regular Spiked Balls, however, they can destroy regular Spiked Balls and Koopa Shells. These also put Mario at risk of touching them and being damaged. Coming in contact with a Spiked Ball/Giant Spiked Ball makes Mario or any other character lose a form/die if at small form. Spiked Balls/Giant Spiked Balls are nearly indestructible, so all you must do is avoid them at all costs no matter how scared you are of them. Giant Spiked Balls also make a surprising appearance in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They only appear in the first stage of Nutty Noon. Here, they can be found rolling down a slope and will damage Kirby (or Meta KnightKing Dedede or Bandana Waddle Dee) if they roll over them. These Giant Spiked Balls, surprisingly, resemble everything in the ones in New Super Mario Bros. Wii except for the fact that they are blue and not black. 


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