200px-Prickly Piranha Plant

This is the artwork of a Spiky Piranha Plant.

Spiky Piranha Plants are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are a sub-species of Prickly Piranha Plants. They are large Piranha Plants with two green leaves, a stem full of thorns, and a large black head covered in orange spikes. With Prickly Piranha Plants being incredibly rare in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (unlike in the prequel), Spiky Piranha Plants are even rarer than them. Only one Spiky Piranha Plant exists in the whole game, and it is found on the Second Fleet Ship of the Sky Station Galaxy. The enemy holds the Key to unlock the forcefield covering the Power Star at the end of Mission 2. It attacks by simply slamming its head onto the ground, much like with the Prickly Piranha Plants. Unlike Prickly Piranha Plants, however, Mario/Luigi cannot defeat the Spiky Piranha Plant by simply jumping on its head (because of the spikes on its head), and doing so will cause them to lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter. Instead, they must Spin a nearby Stretch Plant when it slams its head down to defeat it. After being defeated, the enemy releases the Key, which unlocks the forcefield covering the Power Star when collected. 


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