Tropic Planets-1-

A giant variant of the Spiky Plant in the Good Egg Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy.

Spiky Plants are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are strange, round plants covered entirely with spikes. They are red in color and their spikes have yellow tips. There are three types-normal, giant and floating. Each type can damage Mario or Luigi if touched. Spiky Plants can be defeated by throwing a Coconut at them or Spinning a Stretch Plant at them. Giant Spiky Plants are bigger than Mario/Luigi and when defeated with a Coconut/Watermelon, release a Sling Star or Launch Star leading to the next planet. Floating Spiky Plants have red stems at their ends and act as obstacles when using the Floaty Fluff or Blimp Fruit (must have Yoshi consume the Blimp Fruit first though). Floating Spiky Plants are fairly common and appear in various galaxies such as the Gusty Garden Galaxy, Yoshi Star Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2) and Tall Trunk Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2). Spiky Plants can also be pulled and eaten by Yoshi surprisingly in Super Mario Galaxy 2. When held by the Co-Star Luma, Spiky Plants retract their spikes, allowing Mario/Luigi to pass by them safely without destroying them.


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