Mario spinning.

The Spin, not to be confused with Spin Jump, is a move in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is also known as the Star Spin. It can be done when you shake the Wii Remote (or Nunchuk Controller for left-handed players). This move is similar to the Spin Jump or Mario Tornado, except that it can be done on the ground. It can be used to reflect oncoming projectiles, stun enemies/bosses, activate switches and even pick up nearby items. Mario always ascends slightly when he does a Spin. Mario is granted the Spin move from a white Luma named Luma, who was given to him by Rosalina. Whenever Mario does a Spin, Luma pops out of his hat for a second (although it looks like he jumped out of his hat). Mario can only perform a Spin once when in the air. He must touch the ground before he can do it again. Even on the ground, there is a slight recharge time for the move. The Spin is a very helpful move since can stun, freeze, or make enemies dizzy by spinning into them. This gives Mario the chance to attack or escape from the enemies if you are fast enough. Spinning is needed to defeat most bosses. If Mario spins in the air, and immediately does a Ground Pound, he will Spin and then home in on nearby objects or enemies. If Mario crouches and spins, it looks similar to a dance move. When riding Yoshi, the Spin becomes a Headshake. After Bowser's first defeat in Super Mario Galaxy, Bowser took note of Mario's Spin move and made his own Dark Matter spin. It is known as the Side Somersault. The Spin is also Mario's Special Skill in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.

A Goomba has been defeated by Mario's Spin move.


Mario performing a Spin.

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