Mario on a Spin Drill.


Usage of the Spin Drill.


Mario carrying a Spin Drill.

A Spin Drill is an item in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario can pick up the Spin Drill and drill through planets and dirt. When standing on a spherical planet, Mario can use the Spin Drill to go through the surface to the other side by shaking the Wii Remote. The Spin Drill can also uncover hidden inside areas that are otherwise inaccessible. The Spin Drill cannot drill though hard/metallic/un-drillable surfaces. If Mario gets hit, or touches a Launch Star while holding the Spin Drill, the Spin Drill disappears. The Spin Drill plays a major role in the Spin-Dig Galaxy, but also appears in the Supermassive Galaxy where it is used to destroy Mega Koopas. It also appears in the Flipsville Galaxy during its Silver Stars mission and in the Purple Coin mission. It also appears in Bowser's Galaxy Generator.

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