SMG2 Spikeball Plant

Three Spiny Stretch Plants can be seen in this picture in the Honeybloom Galaxy. A Bee Trap can also be seen in this picture.

Spiny Stretch Plants are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are a type of Stretch Plant. They are green plants with long stems and red retractable spikes. They only appear in the Honeybloom Galaxy, halfway through the galaxy. Unlike regular Stretch Plants, Spiny Stretch Plants can physically move themselves. When Mario or Luigi using the Bee Mushroom flies close by they will slowly target their direction, stick out their spikes, and dash towards their direction. If Mario/Luigi is hit by their attack, they will lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter. However, their attack can easily be avoided due to the fact that Spiny Stretch Plants cannot stretch very far and they attack very slowly. 

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