A Spring Topman as it appears in the Battlerock Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy (most likely).


Mario jumps while a Spring Topman is seen with its spring popped out of its head.

Spring Topmen are enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are one of the three members of the Topman group: the others being the Micro Topman and the Spiky Topman. Spring Topmen (even though majority of the pictures of this page show it being a dull green color) are beautiful bright green Topmen who attack like any other Topman. However, their attack is not beautiful (except to Gearmos, probably). They attack by trying to spin into Mario or Luigi. Even though this attack does not damage neither one of the heroes, this attack can still push them into more dangerous obstacles such as Electric Fences. Spring Topman, however, feature something that Spiky Topmen and Micro Topmen do not have. If Mario/Luigi jumps on the enemy's head, a spring pops up out of it (the enemy is stunned during this). If Mario/Luigi jump on the enemy with its spring popped out, they can be blasted quite high into the air. This feature makes Spring Topmen useful in reaching Launch Stars, Sling Stars and even Power Stars, Also this feature is just like the feature that original, purple Sentry Beams have. Anyway, Spring Topmen can be defeated by Spinning them into Electric Fences, which causes them to be electrocuted and release Star Bits. Though they can be defeated, in most situations, Spring Topmen are not required to be defeated. Also, unlike the other two Topmen members, Spring Topmen do not assist Topmaniac, their leader (most likely), during battle, they just help prevent the heroes from reaching him. In Super Mario Galaxy, Spring Topmen make an appearance in the Battlerock Galaxy and the Dreadnought Galaxy. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Spring
Galaxysmall 2870-1-

A Spring Topman reveals its spring in the Space Storm Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Topmen also appear with their other two members as regular enemies in the Space Storm Galaxy. They only appear among the Topman Tower Planet and are needed to reach higher areas. At the top of the tower after battling some Spiky Topmen (and probably Micro Topmen), a Spring Topmen appears. Mario/Luigi must use it to bounce up to the Power Star above him. However since the enemy is required in order to reach the Power Star, if Mario/Luigi does happen to Spin the Spring Topman here into the Electric Fence surrounding the tower's top, it will be defeated and disappear. Shortly after doing so, it will appear in a portal-like fashion that is also used to make Bob-ombs, other Topmen members, and Incoming Chomps (and probably Golden Chomps) appear.


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