Squawks the Parrot as he appears in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Squawks the Parrot is an Animal Buddy who appears in Donkey Kong Country Returns. He, unlike Rambi the Rhinoceros, does not appear out of an Animal Crate. Instead, Squawks appears as an item sold in Cranky Kong's Shop by Cranky Kong for 15 Banana Coins in each world. The player can by an unlimited amount of Squawks for if he can afford it. Squawks helps Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong find Puzzle Pieces when purchased. When the Kongs are traveling through the level, Squawks begins to yell from the bottom left corner when an undiscovered Puzzle Piece is near. Therefore, the Kongs are given a hint of where the undiscovered Puzzle Piece is located. Squawks can also find switches in the Factory (Donkey Kong Country Returns) world. Finding all switches opens the path to Feather Fiend where the Kongs fight Stompybot 3000.

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