Squiddicus, as he appears in Stormy Shore.

Squiddicus is an enemy in Donkey Kong Country Returns. He only appears in the fifth level of the Beach (Donkey Kong Country Returns), Stormy Shore. Squiddicus is a giant, light-orange octopus with spiked tentacles. For most of the time, Squiddicus is just a background enemy that is seen, at first, destroying a ship. However, as the Kongs progress Squiddicus will try to stop the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) from getting any further. The enemy will stick its tentacles in the Kongs' way, which if the Kongs touch it, they will lose a Heart. The Kongs can jump over Squiddicus' tentacles with ease, but when they are on grassy turf, they will have to jump from one turf to another to manuever past the tentacles. The Kongs should not stand on any particular platforms for too long, for Squiddicus will destroy them. Squiddicus cannot be defeated.


  • The way Squiddicus destroys the ship in the background is similar to how ships were sunk by the mythological sea creature, the Kraken (who resembles a giant squid).
  • Even though his name is Squiddicus, Squiddicus is not a squid, he's an octopus.
  • At the end of the level, Boulder Roller, a fossil that greatly resembles Squiddicus is found. That means there may be a race of these creatures.

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