Squizzard is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He lives in a sinkhole in the Slipsand Galaxy, where he guards it by shooting rocks at Mario. Squizzard looks like a reptilian creature with two small arms and a two-toothed beak similar to those of a Koopa Troopa. He has round eyes with brown eyebrows and a rock attached to his head. His arms have thick wrists, has three fingers on each hand and small brown, and sharp nails. Squizzard mainly attacks by throwing spherical rocks at Mario. When Mario reaches the stage of battle, the battle does not start until he reaches close to the center of the sinkhole. Once this happens, Squizzard pops out and starts throwing rocks at Mario. After several rocks have been thrown, he opens his mouth. To damage him, Mario must grab a Fire Flower and throw a fireball in his mouth to stun him. Mario must then throw four more fireballs to damage him. After being hit, he will start throwing spiky spheres at Mario. He may occasionally toss golden, spiky spheres that release a Coin when they land. Mario can use the Coins to recover the damage he has taken (if he has taken damage). Mario must repeat his process to damage Squizzard again. After the second hit, Squizzard creates cannons that fire spiky spheres, and occasionally
Galaxybig 3039-1-

Squizzard firing rocks at Mario.

golden, spiky spheres. Once again, Squizzard changes his attacks, by throwing two, large bombs at Mario. Mario must dodge until Squizzard opens his mouth, which he does after throwing the bombs. After Mario repeats his technique, Squizzard is defeated and releases a Power Star. Squizzard is fought again over the Daredevil Comet's rule. This time, Mario must defeat Squizzard with one wedge of health.

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