Stage Builder is one of the choices in the Vault mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You can build your own stages from scratch. When building a stage you must firsct choose size, whether it is small like Pokemon Stadium (Melee), Medium like Norfair, or Large like New Pork City. You must then choose the stage music. These stages are the only stages that can play Brawl's own music such as Step- Subspace, Coin Launcher music, etc. It has 3 parts, Floors, Structures and Features. Structures are the largest and take up a lot of space. You can rotate the Features, Structures and Floors by pressing the button to the left of the Size button. The Size button allows you to increase the size of the Features, Structures, etc. An increase in size is an increase in space. Certain Parts of stages must be unlocked by building 5 or 15 stages and playing on them 10 or more times. Once you build 5 you'll unlock Parts B. Once you build 15 you'll unlock Parts C. Play
Stage builder screen-1-

What it looks like when you are creating a Stage.

ing 10 or more times on these stages you made will unlock Parts A.
Hidden-Stage-Builder-Parts-super-smash-bros-brawl-762922 400 315-1-

A Built Stage.

You can make stages that make Self-destructs and KOs easier by building stages with floors made entirely of Falling Blocks (the brown blocks with the arrows) or by making a lot of open spaces. When you are finished with your stage you can Name and Comment it. It will then be saved, if you choose yes, and can be played on whenever you Brawling. Built Stages are under Custom Stages. When in Choose the Stage mode, click on Melee Stages on the bottom right of the screen. Where it said Melee stages it would say Custom Stages. Click there and then choose you stage.

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