KEY Stalactite 2

Three Stalactites fall into the ground in Cool Cave. Kirby, however, is safe from these Stalactites.

Stalactites are obstacles in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They appear in Cool Cave of Hot Land. They are large purple stalactites with wide pointed edges. Stalactites are encountered halfway through the level.  They constantly fall from the ceiling and fall through the ground when they collide into them. Should Kirby or Prince Fluff get hit by a falling Stalactite, they will take damage and lose Beads. Stalactites have a straight top, which can be stood on. Kirby can then stand on these stalactites to reach higher areas and items such as Bonus Stars



  • Stalactites appear and behave similar to the Icicles in the same game, however Icicles are blue while Stalactites are purple. 
  • Stalactites bear a resemblance to Spikes except for the fact that Stalactites fall off ceilings while Spikes do not. 

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