The Star Coin.

The Star Coin is a coin and item in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are large, gold, Coins with a Star Coin. They are bigger than Coins. Star Coins are harder to collect than Coins. There are 3 in every level. Because you must recollect Star Coins when you die, Star Coins aren't really near a death zone (where you can kill yourself). If you reach the Flagpole, all collected Star Coins will be saved. If Mario collects all Star Coins in a level, he'll say " I did it! ". Star Coins take skill, moves, even items to collect. You can use collected Star Coins to buy and watch movies at Peach's castle. By collecting all Star Coins in a world, you can play levels in the bonus world, World 9 (NSMB Wii). Try your hardest to collect Star Coins and avoid dying. You must use the Quick Save or beat a fortress/castle to save your Star Coins forever. Star Coins really do tell you they're important, don't they?

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